REVIEW: Boomerang Fu

What do you give a bunch of anthropomorphic food some boomerangs and throw them into a random environment set out to kill one another? You get a delightfully fun game called Boomerang Fu.

Boomerang Fu is a fun couch co-op/party game where you select an adorable food-based character and you are set out to defeat your enemies with your trusty boomerang. I bought this on a whim after seeing the trailer for the game and immediately jumped in on a great time.

I started by playing as a strip of bacon and dropped into a free-for-all against five other computers where I set off on a killing spree. You start off with a boomerang that you can either throw or use as a melee weapon as you chase the other characters who the same goal. What starts out as a simple game becomes much more once you get into the power-ups, as the entire game’s play-style changes. Throughout each round, occasional power-ups drop, each giving you awesome and, sometimes, broken abilities. From boomerangs that split into a bunch of projectiles to telekinesis and teleportation, they are cool in their own merits. You are able to stack up to three at once, which makes things extremely hectic. And that is, in fact, where a lot of the fun begins.

After playing the game for an hour, I had to get a few friends together to give it a go. Playing with friends makes the game even more fun. Up to six players, you can do free-for-alls, team battles, or a king of the hill style match. We all had a great time throughout the play-session.

Boomerang Fu is one of those games where whether you win or lose, you are still having an amazing time filled with cheering and laughs. I highly recommend playing it if you enjoy some silly battles and really enjoy having some friends fight to the death.

Are you interested or have you played Boomerang Fu on the Switch? If so, definitely let us know in the comments below what you think. We’d love to hear your stories.

GAME: Boomerang Fu
PLATFORM: Nintendo Switch
RELEASED: August 13, 2020
ESRB: E for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence)
MSRP: $14.99 US
OBTAINED: Purchased