Limited Run Game’s LRG3 2020 announces a plethora of Switch titles!

Limited Run Games had what would have been their E3 2020 showcase this afternoon but instead had to delay it till July 8th. That’s okay because it was certainly worth the wait! Jam packed with amazing titles that are escaping the digital only realm and leaping on to a shelf near you, these are the games you’re going to want in your collection! Here’s what they announced:

Shantae – GBC/Switch

Shantae: Risky Revenge – Director’s Cut – Switch

The Mummy Demastered – Switch

Xtreme Sports – GBC/Switch

A new River City Girls game – Switch

Castlevania Anniversary Collection – Switch

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 – Switch

Mighty Gunvolt Burst – Switch

Kunai – Switch

Ys Origin – Switch

Observer – Switch

Gris (Reprint) – Switch

Carrion – Switch

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine – Switch

Friends of Ringo Ishikawa – Switch

Megadimension Neptunia VII – Switch

Grandia HD Collection – Switch

Katana Zero – Switch

To the Moon – Switch

Return of the Obra Dinn – Switch

TowerFall Ascension – Switch

Super Meat Boy Forever – Switch

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time – Switch

Trover Saves the Universe – Switch

PixelJunk Eden 2 – Switch

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling – Switch

Demon Turf – Switch

Star Wars: Episode 1: Racer – Switch

As you can see that’s a LOT of great titles headed to the Switch’s physical catalog in the near future. Not to mention the release of Black Ops Cold War, which is to be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and other gaming devices. The game is much anticipated and you can expect to see a few hacks on how to be better at the game or getting passed levels by going on websites such as This is so when the game becomes frustrating and unbearable to play, the tips can give you a little push in the right direction so you can continue to play the game at the same enjoyment level you did at the very start. Black Ops has been a popular game over the years and the 5th installment promises not to disappoint, where the trailer for the Nintendo Switch looks phenomenal, including amazing graphics and new features.

    A few of these titles are already available for pre-order such as Star Wars: Episode 1: Racer, Kunai, and Y’s Origin. There were of course other titles announced for the PS4. PSVR, and even the PS Vita. All in all the games set to release this year, have been done to a high standard and promise exciting new graphics that will make the gaming much more incapsulating and enjoyable. The whole point of playing a video game is to feel like you are involved in what is going on and to separate the stresses from your daily life from the fictional world of gaming.
      If you’d like to watch the presentation, please click below.