News on a New Nintendo Switch Experience Coming September 12, 2019

Somewhat out of the blue, Nintendo has teased us with another innovate accessory to use with the Nintendo Switch.

In the video shows two new peripherals that the Joy-Cons work with in order to play some new, not shown, games. To me, this looks like it may be the Switch’s take on the Wii Fit audience, in promoting healthy lifestyle habits in the form of games. Based on the games teased, we can make out some form of archery, running, yoga, muscle band work, balance and more games. It definitely looks like it could be like a fun way to get people active, possibly even more than the Wii Fit.

The way it works is using a band that straps one Joy-Con to ones leg and the other goes in this bending ring with foam handles. It is quite intriguing.

We will be seeing more of this interesting accessory, next week on September 12.

Anyone else ready to see more of this “Switch Fit”? Let us know down in the comments below.