Tetris 99 Physical Bundle Now Available

Ever since Tetris 99 launched on Nintendo Switch, it’s been a huge hit, but fans also noticed it was missing a few things. While the 99-player battles were great, people like me were also wanting local multiplayer and offline modes. Physical collectors like our own Barry really wanted the game on a cartridge to add to their shelves. Well, now all of you can rejoice, because the DLC has expanded to include some previously “missing modes,” and it will be available via a retail bundle with a 12-month membership to Nintendo Switch Online.

While the original game is available for free, the DLC pack is $9.99 in the US. A standard year of Nintendo Switch Online runs at $19.99. The retail bundle with all of that included will be $29.99. Technically, this means you will pay one more penny if you buy the physical version, but I guess it’s worth it for people wanting to make their own museum of Nintendo game collections.

Speaking of collections, have you checked out Barry’s tour of his handheld consoles? Click here to watch it and leave him a nice comment on the video for all his hard work!

Starting today, you can pick up the Tetris 99 bundle at select retails (Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart), again for $29.99.

What do you think of the additional DLC coming to Tetris 99? And for those who have held off, will you be purchasing it now that it is available physically? Let us know in the comments below.