Nintendo Switch is Coming to Brazil

Looks like Nintendo is returning to the South American market after a 5-year absence. 

In 2015, Nintendo had to immediately stop all direct sales in Brazil due to the country’s high tariffs. These tariffs were also put on other international companies at the time including HTC and Apple. 

When Nintendo left the market, the company’s general manager said that the “current distribution model [is] unsustainable in the country”; in other words, these tariffs caused the Wii U system to cost close to 800 U.S. dollars in Brazil.

On August 19, 2020, Nintendo announced via Twitter, “Greetings to all the Brazilian Nintendo fans out there! We’re excited to announce that #NintendoSwitch will be coming soon to Brazil!” They also provide Instagram and Facebook links for Nintendo Brazil. They are returning to Brazil and thus the South American market possibly due to Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, lowering taxes on game imports last August.  

It seems Nintendo is continuing to expand their global sales potential since they released the Switch late last year in China despite political obstacles.  

Are you excited for Nintendo to come back to Brazil? Feel free to comment below!