Six New Indie Games Just Shadow Dropped onto Switch

Today, Nintendo broadcasted an Indie World presentation that showcased a plethora of indie games coming to Nintendo Switch later this year and beyond. Many need more time for polish; however, here are six of them ready to be downloaded onto your Nintendo Switch right now! 

Raji: An Ancient Epic – A young girl must rescue her brother from demons in this action-adventure game set in ancient India and inspired by Hindu and Balinese mythology. 

Spiritfarer – This hand-drawn animated management sim sees the player helping friendly spirits make their way to the afterlife.

A Short Hike – The player must hike or explore the back country at their own pace, meeting other hikers or discovering the beauty of nature. It’s all up to the player.

Takeshi and Hiroshi – A 14-year old game designer must design an RPG that is balanced in difficulty, but also entertaining for his little brother. It features stop-motion animation.

Manifold Garden – Inspired by famous geometric optical illusions, this game is about mind-bending puzzles that force the player to alter gravity and their perspective to proceed.  

Evergate – This is a 2D puzzle-platformer set in the afterlife where a child-like spirit utilizes a mechanic to slow down time to journey through life and death.                                                                                 

All the games listed above are temporarily on sale as well. The full list of over 20 indies announced today can be found here