Persona 5 in Smash and Other Announcements from The Game Awards

Last night, like a lot of other video game fans, I watched the Game Awards and there were some great Nintendo announcements. Although we didn’t get to hear about Metroid, we did have some exciting announcements. I want to highlight four here that we are most excited about.

Announcement #1: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

The first major announcement we got was that the next Marvel Ultimate Alliance game in the series is being made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It has been almost 10 years since the previous installment, and looks to be a lot of fun. It is being made by Koei Tecmo/Team Ninja and published by Nintendo. So get ready, in 2019, we will have some more great superhero action at home or on the go.

Announcement #2: Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat is coming back to a Nintendo Platform. The 11th installment in the series is coming to our favorite console hybrid on April 23. So if fighting games are your style this is obviously one you will not want to miss.

Announcement #3: Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

The remake of the 1999 PlayStation hit Crash Team Racing is coming to the Nintendo Switch June 21, 2019. It will have all of the tracks, power ups, characters, and game modes as the original, but now you can race online and get a few more Karts and tracks. Looks like a lot of fun and good racing game to have alongside Mario Kart, while we wait for Diddy Kong Racing to come back…(just dreaming).

Announcement #4: Joker from Persona 5 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

I am a big Persona fan, so when I saw the trailer, I actually was hoping it would be Persona 5 coming to the Nintendo Switch. It was just the next best thing. We know the first DLC character in Smash will be Joker from Persona 5. This can purchased with the Fighters Pass which will include all 5 new fighters, a new stage, and a handful of music tracks for $24.99 or you can buy them individually for $5.99 each. Now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available you can add on that DLC today. This is no doubt the biggest crossover in the history of entertainment media.

So what do you think about these four announcements? Are you as excited about what is to come by Nintendo in 2019 as we are?