Reports of Rainway Switch Removed, Unverified and False

I usually don’t like posting this type of thing, especially after the fact, but as someone who very much respects the Rainway team, I decided to dig in to the reports. Some are saying, “Rainway devs remove all Switch mention from site.” News flash: It was never advertised on their site as coming to the Switch, Playstation 4, or Xbox One. They’ve only reported they have been in talks with Nintendo and they are still thinking about it.

Having a Nintendo Switch dev kit doesn’t mean that a developer is now making games and apps for the console. It means they are exploring the possibilities. I’ve included a current image and an image from the Wayback Machine (a tool that makes snapshots of websites) below. Neither image mentions home consoles. About the only thing that has changed is the interface, just in time for the launch.

I understand people are excited for this type of app, but sometimes we as gamers and journalist need to understand that context goes a long way in response to wording. This hurts our relationship with developers. So please, settle down, check your sources and be civil. They’re gamers too. They don’t need to feel the wrath of the gaming community.

We’ll let you know when and if Rainway is coming to Switch. Otherwise, don’t get your hopes up for something that may or may not be happening.

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