REVIEW – Feather

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been sitting on this review of Feather for a while now, because I wasn’t quite sure how to review it.

Feather is a bird-simulation, where you fly around an island. That’s basically it. There are no enemies or any threats. You simply fly around by yourself or with up to three other birds. There is a great soundtrack, though. The graphics are not incredibly realistic, but instead are like a water-colored painting. All of this comes together to create an incredibly peaceful ambiance. As you fly around the somewhat large island, you can explore, do tricks, and change the music. 

So again, I ask myself… How do I review this? What I’ve landed on is if this is worth your time and money. And honestly, at $12.59 US, I cannot say it’s a good way to spend your money. Most people will play this for about five to 10 minutes. So while it might be something nice to play around with if it was less than five dollars, the full price is just too much money. You may just want to watch the trailer a few times for free.

GAME: Feather
PLATFORM: Nintendo Switch
DEVELOPER: Samurai Punk
PUBLISHER: Samurai Punk
ESRB: E for Everyone
MSRP: $12.59 US
OBTAINED: Code from developer/publisher for press purposes