Super Mario Maker 2 Gets Much Awaited Friend Update

Just this week, it seemed like everyone began to remember that Nintendo promised us an update for Super Mario Maker 2, which was supposed to add online play with friends. Well, tonight, they came through on that promise. Version 1.1.0 is now live for a free update.

What’s new in this update?

  • You can now play online with friends in either multiplayer versus or multiplayer co-op modes. Select uploaded courses or those saved to Coursebot. Chat via the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app.
  • You can now play local multiplayer in versus or co-op with others nearby. Select uploaded or saved courses.
  • You can now find a list of “official makers” in the leaderboard, where you can find courses made by Nintendo.
  • You can now select “Play Together” on an uploaded course.
  • You can now see more info on maker profiles, like their number of First Clears.
  • You can now play with Joy-Cons horizontally in all game modes.
  • You can now use touch-screen controls and buttons when creating in handheld mode.

What do you think about this update? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Nintendo of America]