Sakurai Reveals Sora as Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighter

The long-awaited time is finally here! Mr. Sakurai revealed the final downloadable character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this morning in his final presentation. Sora will be joining the already impressive roster on October 18, 2021, making some fans incredibly excited and others a bit sad, because it wasn’t their preferred fighter.

Sora is the 82nd gaming icon to join the fight, making this the largest Smash roster by a long shot. A total of 69 were available at the start of the game, and 13 extras came in the form of DLC. In fact, if you count variations, we have been given 89 fighters in this game! We have been told, though, that this is the final one, and no more DLC will be made for this game. Sakarai also mentioned that Sora was the most requested fighter in the Smash Ballot from several years ago.

After the announcement, Sakurai showed off Sora’s moveset. Kingdom Hearts is an incredibly popular RPG series focused on Sora and many Disney characters. Sora uses his Keyblade for a lot of his moves, matching moves from his games. In a way, he’s another sword character. He is also on the lighter side, so he can be launched easily.

Sora, like others, will be available in eight designs you can choose from. They his looks in his first four games, and also a “Timeless River” black and white design.

The new stage coming with Sora is Hollow Bastion, from his original game. As you fly through this stage, players will see additional scenes from Kingdom Hearts. It will also transition into a version called “Dive into the Heart” near the end of the stage and feature many other characters on a stained glass window.

Sora will also be coming with nine new songs from his original games. But if you have save data from Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, you will get another song from that game.

  • Night of Fate
  • Destiny’s Force
  • Shrouding Dark Cloud
  • Hand in Hand
  • Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II-
  • Hollow Bastion
  • Scherzo Di Notte
  • Fragments of Sorrow
  • Destati

As you could probably assume, there will be a number of Spirits coming to the game, all from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Sora will be available to buy or download with your Fighter Pass 2 on October 18, 2021.

Additionally, we were shown the new Mii Fighter costumes available on that same day, October 18:

  • Octoling (Wig)
  • Judd (Hat)
  • Doom Slayer (Gunner)

As you probably presumed, Kingdom Hearts will be coming to Nintendo Switch soon (no release date yet), but it seems like they will also be cloud versions of the game.

  • KINGDOM HEARTS – HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX – Cloud Version
  • KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Cloud Version
  • KINGDOM HEARTS III + Re Mind Cloud Version

Sakurai also spent some time thanking us all for playing Smash Bros., a game that has meant so much to him over the years.

What do you think of this announcement? Let us know in the comments and join us tonight, October 5, 2021, for episode 238 of our podcast, where we’ll discuss this, the recent Nintendo Direct, and more. We’ll be going live at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT.