VR Coming to Nintendo Switch via Labo

Nintendo Switch will soon have a virtual reality option. No, this is not a drill. We promise, this is actually happening. Nintendo just announced on their social media channels that the Nintendo Labo VR Kit will launch on April 12 and will bring VR to Switch.

The Toy-Con 04 kit, according to the Labo website, “is a unique first VR experience kids and families can build themselves.” The kit comes in two different sets: Starter + Blaster and the full VR Kit. You can also buy the two expansion sets separately, which are included in the full kit.

The Japanese website states the full kit will be 7,980 円, which converts to approximately $71.56 US. The starter kit is 3.980 円, which converts to $35.65 US. We’re guessing the full kit will be $79.99, and the starter kit will most likely be $39.99 US. Each expansion set will probably be $19.99 US.

[UPDATE: We received a press release from Nintendo of America, which does, in fact, confirm these prices.]

The same website also has more detailed photos of what the kit will include. Below is a photo of the full VR kit.

Not much else is known right now. We have speculated if you would be able to use these with other Labo kits, if older games would be updated to include VR modes, or if upcoming games will be built with VR in mind. Will they now bring VirtualBoy games to the Nintendo Online service? Also, we’re not sure what the effects will be on your stomach. Is the Switch actually good enough for VR? And how tired will your head be after a while of holding up the weight of the Switch? I guess we’ll find out on April 12.

[UPDATE: The same press release mentioned in the update above also stated that there will be no head strap needed. “Players simply slip the Nintendo Switch console into the Toy-Con VR Goggles and hold it up to their eyes to explore numerous games and experiences.”]

Visit the Nintendo Labo VR Kit website at https://labo.nintendo.com/kits/vr-kit.

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