New Games for NES Online – January 2019

Happy New Year, and Happy January! It’s also almost time for the Nintendo Entertainment System on Nintendo Switch Online receive its next update. On January 16, two more games: Blaster Master and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link will appear. Both will follow the previous updates and contain the ability to save your game progress with suspend points and play online with friends. This update will bring the total number of NES games to 31.

If you want some time with these games, you can sign up for a free trial of the Nintendo Switch Online service on your Switch eShop or on Nintendo’s website. If you already have a paid subscription, these games should hit the NES app via a software update on January 16.

Below, you will find a quick trailer and a brief explanation of each game.

  • Blaster Master – It’s panic or perish as you blast through an endless maze of tunnels, seeking secret passages for an escape. Destroy the Plutonium Boss and his mutant cronies before these warlords destroy the earth. Load up your arsenal, and get ready for the final encounter!
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – Link returns to Hyrule to search for the Triforce and to awaken Zelda from an endless sleep. Embark on a quest to find the Triforce of Courage and save Hyrule from ruin. Learn magic spells, talk to people in towns to get clues, collect items to increase your power and explore six palaces where the underlings of the evil Ganon await you.

Which of these two are you most excited to play? Let us know in the comments.

Games coming in the February 2019 update have not yet been released.

[Source: Press Email from Nintendo of America]

2 thoughts on “New Games for NES Online – January 2019”

  1. Frustrated that there are only 2 games this month. And I already own both of these games on my 3DS. Don’t get me wrong, they are both fun games, especially Zelda 2 right Greg??? :D. I just wish they would put more games out each month, or stick with 3. Japan gets a third one, and I get that, but everyone outside of Japan should have been given another game in its place.

    1. I m frustrated cause Nintendo since the nes,just do recycle of all his game…. They take us for what we are stupid sheep who buy again again the same games…. Why did you buy again those game on 3ds… Zelda II is the worst zelda.

      Don’t you have a nes to play this title with an original rendering… However all those emulated title are piece of shit

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